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Solutions Workshop

… Solutions Workshop is defining the optimisation area: Productivity, process or product? After agreeing on…


Technology - ­­­­­­­­­Printing

…­­­­­­­­­Printing Print on the S-RACE® microporous colour receiver layer with…

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Technology - Ink absorption

… amounts of ink .This results in quickest drying of print enabling the user to start subsequent production…

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Proof & Prepress - TRUST premium plus Satin

… homogeneous colour gamut for Fogra 39 or Fogra 51 print conditions and are compatible with all printing…



… base paper – functions as the perfect receiver of printed sublimation ink. This unique composition, with a…

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Solvent & latex papers

… You know the difficulties with print head crashing that occur with some media? With SLP rc papers, you are on…



… papers by S-RACE Choose your application area: Textile Applications Hard Substrate Applications

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Dry Minilab Inkjet

…k and white photography is also very popular in the Minilab area. Especially matt surfaces give a noble, mirror-free…


The new Felix Schoeller - DISCOVER OUR SOLUTIONS

… for an overview or do you already have a specific area of interest? Feel free to browse our portfolio and see…


Sites - Osnabrück | GER – Headquarter

… and silicone coatings Products: LPL-papers, RSP®, print base papers, base papers for imaging and release…