Specially developed for sublimation applications with elastic textiles:

S-RACE TERRA Tacky 100

100 g/m²

Key applications

  • Transfer to all kinds of polyester textiles
  • Especially designed for elastic textiles. No movement between paper and fabric during transfer (eliminates possible ghosting effect)
  • For medium to high ink application


Benefits & Properties

  • Optimal tack between paper and fabric during sublimation transfer (no ghosting)
  • Extremely fast drying
  • Excellent line sharpness
  • Superb and quick transfer properties
  • Outstanding lay-flat performance
  • Exceptional quality consistency
  • Base paper is made of 100% recycled fibres.

Instructions for use


About S-RACE TERRA Tacky 100

Let us introduce you our microporous coated thermal adhesive dye sublimation paper S-RACE TERRA Tacky 100: The extremely fast drying solution for transfer on all kinds of polyester materials. This 100 g/m² sublimation paper is especially designed for sublimation prints on elastic textiles to easily transfer your motifs, graphics, patterns, etc. onto them. There is no movement between paper and fabric during sublimation transfer because of the optimised tack. Its optimised transfer properties make it the perfect fit for sublimating elastic textiles without ghosting. It delivers excellent line sharpness to improve your sublimation printing results sublimating soft and elastic substrates. Our dye sublimation paper S-RACE TERRA Tacky 100 is developed for medium to high ink coverage and guarantees an outstanding lay-flat performance for your sublimation products and applications. Due to our years of experience in manufacturing sublimation papers and our unique paper technology, S-RACE TERRA Tacky 100 has superb and quick transfer properties that simplify and improve your sublimation process. Also worthy of special mention is the exceptional quality consistency, which makes it possible to consistently achieve the best results in sublimation printing over the long term. S-RACE TERRA Tacky 100 is recommended for sublimating soft and especially elastic materials. The special feature of this TERRA version of the Allround 100 is that it is made from 100% recycled fibers.

For S-RACE TERRA Tacky 100 product specifications, feel free to take a look at the product data sheet. If you need instructions or hints for use or have any questions, please follow the instructions to use button or have a look at our Tutorials & FAQ page. For further questions, our technical service and marketing service as well as our contact page are at your disposal.

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