Maximise your production output

Process service for dye sublimation printing and ICC Profiles

Sublimation printing is far from a simple ‘plug & play’ solution. It is a complex process with multiple parameters – one of the key ones being the paper. Sublimation paper is not just a consumable but a highly technical product with many different advantages. To benefit from these advantages and achieve the full production potential, it is crucial to invest time in optimising and adapting printer and transfer settings. When the whole work-flow from the paper, printer, ink and RIP software, through the calendering process and transfer press settings, to the final substrate is optimally coordinated, it is possible to achieve optimal and maximum results. 

Let us help to create more efficient workflows and impressive results

Our S-RACE® Team is ready to help you achieve this. We see not only the paper but the whole picture with all parameters involved. Our experts will advise you on how to optimise your processes and to prepare customised printing profiles. We take into account your own particular requirements and process preferences to obtain this. From the paper, printer and ink that you use, through the calendering and transfer press settings, to the final substrate and application. 

We come to your print shop

Our Application Technology Managers are ready; just call or us the contact form on this website. If you need them, they’ll meet you at your print shop. Our service guarantees that you gain maximum benefit from the many advantages that our S-RACE® papers offer – making it possible to boost your production capacity and push your results to the max.